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ANNOUNCING THE OLD FASHIONED SCHOOL BOOK PROJECT: To glean the very best selections from a large collection of 19th and early 20th Century public school readers to produce a new series of readers. Learn the real history of American education before the “progressive” era.


Dear readers, have you, too, noticed an increasing difficulty in distinguishing between the fringe of society, and serious ravel out across middle America? I believe that I can identify the tracks of some of the worst offenders, whose dirty, hobnailed boots are causing such extreme wear and tear to our social fabric. They are wayward pseudo-educators, politicians, journalists, and religionists whose wanton vandalism of American society should be considered a clear and present danger, but unfortunately is ignored or even approved of by a very significant part of our fellow Americans.

My objective in this website is to build barriers to that damaging traffic, or at least provide a floor mat to brush off the worst dirt before it can be ground in. My only tools are true history as I know it, sensible commentary as I see it, and my own testimony. They are little enough against the onslaught, but it is important to me, a proud American, father, and grandfather, to try. Please, draw up a chair and hear me out.

At one time I dabbled in free lance writing for history magazines, and political satire for a local magazine, and an occasional newspaper. Most of what you see on this site is the product of past work; however some of it is new. The Posts Archive is, of course, composed of recent, brief observations.

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