Party Animal

The Primeval Party Animal Indigenous to North America

From some obscure, probably prehistoric, evolutionary turns

our curious creature, its reputation earns.

Note the particular anatomical anomaly of relevance:

one end’s a jackass, the other, an elephant’s.

Its wondrous wings are often in a flap, though never in flight;

for it’s a flap on the left, then a flap on the right.

Doubtless would she soar, but for that double ended condition;

and, of course, a very similar disposition.

Conspicuously carnivorous of porcine provender à la barrel;

modestly though, ‘neath the patriotic apparel.

Often are laid eggs of golden promises, platitudes, and hype;

from which nothing good ever comes – you know the type.

Cute little ‘boondoggles’ then, when they hatch;

but come April, they make us all to scratch.

Why then, of our beast, boast we so; are we out of our mind?

For all its faults, who hasn’t those, it is one of a kind.

So we natives, naturally, are proud as we can be.

Only problem is, all that pork ain’t free.

Bill Kitchens 2017

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