ABOUT THIS SITE is really about me, the author. What shall I say about myself? How do I convince you that my testimony is true? I am now a fairly old man; that at least infers that I have seen and experienced a lot. And I have learned a lot, but about that, you’ll have to judge for yourself, my dear reader. The things I am most proud of, and most thankful to God for are (and putting these blessings in order of importance would be gut wrenching, and fortunately not necessary) my good wife of 42 years, our four wonderful children, our grandchildren, my parents and our extended family; that I was able to have a career as a geologist for over 40 years, that I am able now to try to impart some of what I have learned in that time to future generations; and that which made it all possible: that I have known my savior Jesus the Christ for many years now. Of lesser importance, I have from my youth been interested in history and the political scene, and could have been considered a ‘professional student’ for years, save for the fact that I worked and raised a family much of the time, wandering the halls of higher education evenings and weekends (to the detriment of my family life, I have to admit). Between interests from astronomy to zoology, with a lot of history, political science, philosophy, psychology and Bible study in between, I managed to eke out two degrees: a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and a Master’s Degree in Religion and Philosophy.

You can find out much more about me (not that I personally matter very much) from what I have written on this site and my other websites: