From time immemorial, poets have set down the glories of love, nature, nature’s God, patriotism and all the highest and noblest ideals in rhyme. Lesser poets find rhymes in the absurdities of our times. That’s my style, absurd rhymes to fit the times; like the Party Animal’s “particular anatomical anomaly of relevance, one end’s a jackass, the other an elephant’s“; or “The Bedouin chief with caravan of limo’s sleek, enjoys the life of oil chic.” To see more of such nonsense, as it is posted, visit My Poetry .

My Dad, on the other hand, was a serious poet, and a darned good one. Oh, he was fond of nonsense ditties too, like: “My Doc says I must diet. I’d like to see him try it; For tempting displays plague my days, and mince pie haunts me at night.” But his poetic mettle was forged in the bitter winters of  WWII  with Patton’s Third Army. For an old fashioned poet’s outlook on war and peace, love and life, and the good old USA, visit Dad’s Poetry .

If you like this sort of old fashioned poetry, let me know, Dad wrote lots more.