This archive consists of ┬ácommentaries I wrote years ago, many of which were published in a local magazine at the time. Some were still in the que to be published when one of the satirical pieces upset a law firm/major advertiser, and my column was cut. I thought about calling these “Not So Serious Commentary” because, although the subject matter was serious, my approach was somewhat light hearted and satirical. Unfortunately I seem to have mostly lost even that bit of cynical, ironical sense of humor with which I once approached our political and social milieu. Now, I’ll just call them “Commentary”, and my more recent observations I have put under ‘Posts’. Though these are somewhat dated, they are still useful, if for no other reason than historical background to today’s problems.

Beyond Vegetarianism – The Real Green Revolution

Lawyers: The Weapons Ban We Really Need.

Lie-Ability and Other Political Assets

News: The Commodity With A Future, The Industry To Watch (and to keep an eye on).

A Drowning Politician Will Grasp at a Straw Poll: Sharpening Old Saws For Todays Political Deadwood

In Defense of Political Corruption: The Mainstay of Our Freedom.

Never Take Statistics From A Stranger: The First Lesson for the Children of Our Representative Sample Democracy.

I Think, Therefore, I Am…Confused? Post-Postmodernism Deconstructed (or putting Descartes before the horse manure).


more to come, in good time